Here Is How To Fix Your Oily Scalp: Week 3 Steps.

If you are just joining us, welcome! If you are coming here from week 2, how are you holding up? Week 2 was a big test to see how your scalp would start to respond to one less shampoo during the week. At this point, some people are ready to move on to week 3 and some may feel like you need to repeat week 2. Either way it is ok! You are making progress regardless and it is ok to repeat a week. I am going to link you all the weeks. Week 1: READ HERE, Week 2: READ HERE.

Week 3 can be really tough, it is the first week we try not to wash or wet our hair two days in a row. If after you wash it on Day 4 you feel like you need to go back to week 3, don’t get discouraged, everyones scalp responds differently. See the chart below and let’s rock week 3!

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Here is a reminder of some tips to help you through. Try using dry shampoo or just a pretty ponytail or jaw clip on the days you aren’t washing or wetting. Be sure to brush multiple times a day with your Boar Bristle brush to distribute the oils through your ends. A clarifying shampoo can be used on your two washes to help you feel clean and fresh. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to comment or reach out. Before starting, be sure to wash all brushes, combs, and clips so they are clean and free of debris. I linked a brush cleaner, boar bristle brush, and accessories in the last blog post. You can find them, along with some of my other favorite items at the salon’s Amazon Storefront here: SHOP HERE.

If you made it through week 2, CONGRATS! You are so close to the finish line. Most people at this point have started to notice the no wash days get easier. If you didn’t that is alright, don’t give up.

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