Here Is How To Fix Your Oily Scalp: Week 1 Steps.

Did you catch last weeks post about reasons you may have an oily scalp? If not, here is the link for a recap: READ HERE. Hopefully by reading the last weeks article you may know one or more reasons your scalp is producing too much oil.

What tends to happen with an oily scalp is that we wash our hair everyday because we don’t like how it looks or feels. By doing this, we create a vicious cycle without even realizing it. Your scalp produces oil on purpose to moisturize your hair externally. When we wash our hair, especially if with harsh shampoo, it takes away the oil that our scalp created. This signals to the scalp that it needs more oil. When you wash it away again the next day, it thinks that it needs to create even more. Thus creating a cycle that was not intended. So the question is, how do we fix it? I have created a routine that has helped countless clients go from washing everyday to sometimes once a week! Disclaimer: If your oily scalp is due to a medical/genetic condition this may not work. Shoot me a message and we can discuss alternatives.

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Week 1 can be hard but try to push through. On the rinse only days, try using dry shampoo or just a pretty ponytail or jaw clip. Be sure to brush multiple times a day with your Boar Bristle brush to distribute the oils through your ends. A clarifying shampoo can be used on your mid week wash to help you feel clean and fresh. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to comment or reach out. I am going to link some options to brushes and clips that will help you on your journey. Before starting, be sure to wash all brushes, combs, and clips so they are clean and free of debris. I will also link my favorite brush cleaner.

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